Memory Lane

While looking through my Photobucket account, I noticed I still have a lot of TS2 pictures on there. Here are a few of my favorites.

 photo 6.jpg

 photo snapshot_d47e7f22_347e8931-1.jpg

 photo snapshot_d47e7f22_b47e8c0a.jpg

 photo 1.jpg
Did TS3 steal my grocery store idea? Hmmm. LOL

 photo 07.jpg

 photo 10.jpg

Scared Kitty photo snapshot_3244eabf_f244ebe4.jpg
Scared little kitty.
 photo snapshot_00000004_7356633e.jpg
City Living
 photo snapshot_00000004_535662c2.jpg
Just like SimCity
 photo MainImage.jpg
Custom University
 photo snapshot_f3905bcb_f3a3ce23.jpg
My favorite family.
 photo snapshot_f3905bcb_53a2237d.jpg
I loved TS2 Weddings where sims would sit and watch and interact.

 photo snapshot_f3905bcb_33a3b44f.jpg

 photo snapshot_f3905bcb_13955323.jpg
Party on the beach.

 photo snapshot_f3905bcb_139513be.jpg

 photo snapshot_f3905bcb_b391014f.jpg
Get away from those chickens!
 photo snapshot_f3905bcb_339124f7.jpg
A room without a view.
 photo 18.jpg
I loved how they actually cut the hair. YES to animations!

 photo 14.jpg

 photo 13.jpg
I loved the cooking station. I wish TS3 had real restaurants. I hope they don’t flub it up in TS4.
 photo snapshot_f3905bcb_73916c1e.jpg
My best photo ever!

 photo snapshot_14f4079c_94f816ad.jpg

Victorian Dream photo 824bec80.jpg

 photo 506539c5.jpg

 photo snapshot_1609ea20_f609ff0c.jpg