Blueprints Tutorial

The Blueprint Maker by velocitygrass is hosted at MTS.

STEP 1: First things first: Navigate to your The Sims 3 folder and delete any Error log files that you have in there. If there are none, you are ahead of the game.

 photo BlueprintStep1_zps24af061d.jpg

STEP 2: Before running the game you should open the Blueprint Maker and Paint for easy access. Then run the game and load a world in LIVE MODE.

 photo BlueprintStep2_zps733cea41.jpg

STEP 3: In order to use this tool, you have to be in live mode. Build or find a room that you want to create a blueprint with. For this tutorial, I am using the first floor of a home I recently built. Click the floor and select Velocitygrass.

 photo BlueprintStep3_zpsaa835539.jpg

STEP 4: Next select one of the options. I select Create Blueprint Template without Outer Wallpaper because I assume rooms will be connected to it and you will want to change the wallpaper anyway.

 photo BlueprintStep4_zps8d0bf5c6.jpg

STEP 5: Try to get the best screenshot that you can while in the game. Try to include everything in the room. Crop it in Paint. I have an X over the bathroom because that room will not be included.

 photo BlueprintStep5_zpsa6814a19.jpg

STEP 6: Now hit Windows + D to go to the desktop and switch to the Blueprint Maker. Select Browse in the Log category.

 photo BlueprintStep6_zpsb458b26a.jpg

STEP 7: When it opens, you will see your log files. If you are lucky, there will be only one. If you are me, you’ll probably see more than one. There is a simple way to tell which is the blueprint. First, if you only made one blueprint, then you can click it and it will say something about furniture on the side. However, I usually make more than one at a time so I go off the time-stamps. Try to gauge the time-stamp. I made the blueprint before I the screenshot so the error log I need is the one before the screenshot. It will be more accurate if you take an in-game screenshot using the game camera, too.

 photo BlueprintStep7_zpsb66d2020.jpg

STEP 8: Fill in the rest of the information. When you get to the bottom, you will see that there is a default monetary amount to pay for the blueprint of 999. For some reason, the first blueprint you create will always say 999 no matter what. I change it to whatever I think is appropriate or you can make it even cheaper. All the blueprints you make after that will say the correct amount (as long as you don’t close the program.) Also select the category you want the blueprint to be in.

 photo BlueprintStep8_zps1d5b266e.jpg

STEP 9: Click save. I saved it to my desktop, but you can also save it directly into your packages folder, however, it will not show up until you restart the game.

 photo BlueprintStep9_zpseee914a9.jpg

STEP 10: Now…you have the option to continue making blueprints going through these steps again or you can quit the game to test it. I also recommend going into your The Sims 3 folder and deleting the error log file. It will make your life so much easier!

 photo BlueprintStep11_zps9cb4d150.jpg

STEP 11: Move the file you created into your packages folder.

 photo BlueprintStep12_zps9360f0c2.jpg

YOU’RE DONE! Start the game and test it out.


Try your best not to use any cheats while creating the room. Any objects that intersect will not be part of the blueprint. As a builder I know we like to make it look pretty, but this is very utilitarian and is purely focused on function. So don’t go crazy. Stick with moveobjects off and don’t do anything to the terrain. None of those tweaks will make it into the finished product.

And I will show you what I mean:

Here is the blueprint. The red circles highlight where I used the moveobjects cheat.

 photo 9363c75e-f5c1-4764-8c9c-ed34d8ccd7e0_zps50ef16da.jpg

There was a deco cabinet here. Now it is missing.

 photo b3215e1b-e5ce-4e4c-afa0-35b6bf3f0343_zps40ff6a26.jpg

The shelves above the fireplace are missing.

 photo Screenshot-9_zpsca88d268.jpg

And a table and plant are missing from the unusable tile behind the L-shaped stairs.

 photo Screenshot-10_zps0dfb501f.jpg

I build with moveobjects off most of the time. I do turn it on for paintings and deco objects. But if you can be mostly mindful of that, you can still create an interesting, beautiful, and functional room.

Happy simming!