Arkham by Martine

A beautiful world created by Martine.
A beautiful world created by Martine.

“I present to you: Arkham! This island world was inspired by, and named after, H.P. Lovecraft’s mysterious Arkham city, which is the backdrop for many of his stories.” – Martine

This world is my absolute favorite. It is so beautiful and easy to play. It looks lovely during each season and there is always so much to do around town. What I love most is that it is small so it doesn’t take forever to get around and there is virtually no lag whatsoever. I’ve been playing with this world since the day Martine released it and I have spent many years making revisions to my own lots. If you want to play Meryton, this world is required. Please download. Overview

For more pictures and to download, visit Martine’s Blog.


Morning1I don’t know if there was some trouble caused by me, but Martine has closed or blocked her site. Perhaps just from me, I don’t know. Either way, the link is still here and you can check if you have access to it. However, I will not let that stop me from sharing my creations. I give Martine full credit for her work, but I will make the world available here so that more people can enjoy it if they want to. I also contacted her asking for permission and I did not receive a response.

The optional custom content is for the airport and ferry dock that you can see in the pictures. This is not required, however, you will have a big blank area. I have turned it into a park in the past so if you don’t want that in your game, just skip it.




 photo cf2808fb-11e5-42d4-acf9-9d2c3cdfd607_zps59f395b8.jpg

This has been a big project. Originally, I only wanted to back up the original, but then I had the wonderful idea of getting rid of all the custom content that was used. It wasn’t much, but it was big enough to take up a huge chunk of space that could be used for other lots. Now I’ve completed that project, both in CAW and building my new lots. I’m currently testing it in my game and it’s running smoothly. So I’m sharing the cleaned up world and CAW files with anyone who wants them.



This is where the majority of the custom content was. It was a large airport with weird roads that caused some routing issues. I removed all that and added a main road around a central park area. That added enough room for 5 houses, a pizza parlor, an arboretum, and a sports park with enough room for a soccer pitch, basketball court, golf, and seating. I did make a basement with a small stadium in it so now my town also has a stadium. YAY!
 photo 5815a0a4-1020-41d2-834d-f671c0b3ec84_zps7e0b94f0.jpg

This was another bit of custom content. It was a ferry that served no purpose other than to look good. Since we now have Island Paradise, it seems a little strange to drive a boat past a statue of a moving boat. I removed it and added a port. If you plan on building your own, you have to get a little creative since the terrain is a lot higher than the sea level. You can drag the dock from the water to get it the right height, then add some stairs down to it.
 photo 3dd7a03e-2ef7-413e-8c47-e5f5e90062b2_zpse08ad8ec.jpg

And the last thing I did was add a little lot by the lighthouse. I never have anywhere to use that surfing station so I added this lot to place it there.
 photo 21009322-20fe-4b6c-9c53-c67dad5ba912_zps0e532a9c.jpg

I do plan on sharing my saved game file, which also doesn’t include any custom content. However, I do use a lot of store items.